Download QuickSupport here

Data Ventures Corporation has a quick, simple, secure support solution to help us assist our customers resolve problems remotely over the internet.

To begin a QuickSupport session:

  •  Download the QuickSupport zipped file
  •  Double click on the QuickSupport.exe 
  •  Run the program
  •  Call us at (905) 712-9788 and provide us with the PartnerID and newly generated Password displayed in the QuickSupport module to complete the connection and begin the session.

You can optionally save the QuickSupport.exe to your desktop so future connections can be just a single-click away! 

Our QuickSupport solution uses TeamViewer for fast, easy, and secure desktop sharing.

No Installation Required
As no program is actually installed on your workstation, administrative rights are not required.  You merely run a small program and call us when you are ready to begin.

Spontaneous – Simple – Fast – Secure Support.
With our QuickSupport solution, we can offer remote support via the Internet in just a few seconds– without having to worry about the technical details, firewalls, IP addresses or NAT.

We can quickly see your problem without the need for lengthy and sometimes tedious explanations.

During a QuickSupport session, we can also transfer files to your computer, provide demonstrations and even install updates, if necessary. With a single click you can terminate our session.

In addition, for customer peace of mind, all changes and actions taken during a QuickSupport session can be recorded for future reference. 

Our QuickSupport solution is simple, reliable and secure.

All data is completely and securely encrypted.  For more information on TeamViewer security, download the TeamViewer Security pdf.